August 1, 2021

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Rhode Island Roots Music and Blues From the Tetons Music Under the Radar


Twenty years ago when I had something approximating a real job writing about music and helping to put a weekly newspaper together, one day a CD appear called Lost Souls by a band called the Raindogs.  On the surface they appeared to be just another rock band, except the group included a fairly well known and quite excellent Celtic fiddle player named Johnny Cunningham.  The songs written by lead sing and guitarist Mark Cutler crossed the spectrum of roots rock music which was soon to be labeled Americana, but riding underneath was a bit of garage rock, combined with soul and at times reminiscent of the early Stones with a touch of the Standells.  One of the songs on Lost Souls, “Phantom Flame,” was a song I found impossible to play just once.  It was arranged so carefully, with a soulful opening acoustic guitar lick, and building to an irresistible chorus, I ended up playing it numerable times.   The Raindogs survived the music business long enough to tour with such people as Warren Zevon, Bob Dylan and the Waterboys, but vanished after their second album didn’t receive the all important publicity required to survive.  Cunningham passed away in 2003, but Mark Cutler continues to perform and record on a local level.  

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