August 4, 2021

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This article was written in December 1999, just after the author found out that Rick Danko had died. It originally appeared in the newsgroups and



Rick Danko

Rick Danko
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The first time I saw Rick Danko was in 1965 in Newark, New Jersey. He was a member of The Hawks and was backing up Bob Dylan. It was my fourth Bob Dylan show and my second electric Dylan show. Somehow I had a front row center seat I’d bought at the theater that afternoon. I really didn’t know who the Hawks were. I didn’t know who Rick Danko was. They weren’t introduced and there was no program book. I found out a few days later when I saw the program from the show the night before in New York at Carnegie Hall, and I realized that most of those guys (not Danko) were on this John Hammond album I had. I remember there were guards at either side of the stage and this band didn’t look at all like Dylan. They were all wearing suits and had really short hair. There was like a wall of Fender showman amps running across the stage and it was loud. I remember Danko and Robertsonwere moving like mad and every time there was a solo Dylan would turns towards them. I didn’t know when I left the hall that night that it would be almost four very long years before I would see that band again and almost nine years before I would see Bob Dylan again.

All I had to tide me over was the flipside of the single, “I Want You,” a live version of “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” that I would play every chance I got at top volume.

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