August 1, 2021

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The Others – Peter Stone Brown


“I formed a band with another guy who worked as a bike messenger. I always had press kits with me in the car and if I was near a club, I’d drop them off. The owner of the courier place came to see the band and had a good time so he started buying us equipment. The band was called The Others and we built up a small following in the area even playing a live show on radio. But the band broke up after about a year for some reason I’ve never figured out. I put another band together and kept the name. There ended up being about three different groups of Others.

The third version featured an incredible guitar player named Bob Jay and an equally amazing bass player, Jake Kurdsjuk.  I loved working with both of them, and we started opening for a bunch of “national acts.”  At the same time I was still writing my column and had added another column for a monthly regional music magazine and another weekly column for an entertainment paper that covered New York, New Jersey, Philly and Connecticut.” – Peter Stone Brown 2002