August 1, 2021

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Records that influenced Peter Stone Brown

A year or so ago on Facebook Peter started posting album covers, some with descriptions, listing them as influential in his life…

Having this album came in useful 20 years or so later when I interviewed Arlo Guthrie who probably thought I was there because it was the year the movie “Bound For Glory” came out and was giving me yep and nope answers which don’t work on radio, until I said, “You know that song you did tonight, “Meeting At The Building?” I had that on on a ten-inch Leadbelly album on Folkways when I was 8. 
Also listening to this which is a brand new remastered in glorious mono version of Live At Dancetown USA.
I could’ve picked any of the Vanguard albums by this group.

this was sort of my first impulse buy. My step-brother had given me an album for my birthday, but it was stereo and we had a mono player which supposedly wouldn’t play it. My family had just moved to a new town in NJ, so I went to the local record store there, and the guy said he’d order a mono copy, taking my stereo copy and giving me a credit, but every time I went in, the record never was there. This little scenario went on for months. (Later on when I started working in record stores, I realized the guy simply never ordered the album, because it didn’t take months for recent releases on a major label to appear.) So one day in January ’64, I went in and of course the other record wasn’t there, but I was looking at the records in the browser, saw this pulled it out and said, “Can I have this instead,” went home as quickly as possible and everything changed.
So it was a Monday and the beginning of the last week before school, and my brother and I had gotten home from camp the day before. Well actually, we got out of camp two days before, but there was this concert at a tennis stadium in Queens that turned out to be pretty controversial, and we stayed over in New York that night with friends. Anyway, we decided it would be a good idea to get out of the house and were off to do something or other for the afternoon. And we were walking on Millburn Avenue and as we reached the center of town, and crossed Main Street, I happened to glance across the street at the record store, and said to my brother, “Is that a new Dylan album in the window?” So we ran across the street and sure enough it was a new Dylan album, so we went back to the house and put it on, and looked at the cover and tried to figure out what the liner notes were about, and when it was over, well we just had to play the whole thing again and I’m pretty sure that continued for the rest of the day.