August 1, 2021

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Peter sent me this in October 2012 during the Obama/Romney race in reference to a speech by Bill Clinton. It’s another testament to the humour in his writing.

Mister Mucs, be not fooled by slick William of Hope.  Yes, I thought he gave a good speech at the convention of Charlotte.  However, he is every bit as evil as the rest of them and in fact put some of the laws in place that allowed the street of wall and the bankers of fail to do their terrible deeds. 

Yes, William did that and caved to the party of darkness on welfare, casting the poor and impoverished adrift.  Yea, he can speechify with the best of them in a matter of sorts though eloquent he is not.  And as thou well knowest, Barrack of Kansas or Hawaii or wherever the fuck he’s from knowest how to connect though he has a habit of not doing it when needed, tho as the Mucs commented earlier, he may be pulling the Grand Ali, but perhaps nottest.  Time will tell. 

William of Hope of Arkansas (one of the dumbest most stupid and probably god awful holes in the entire country of states) has shown himself to be amongs the great liars of all timest, and forget it not. 

While of course I believe it is the right of every president and everyone else to receive a blow job from whoeer they wishest, the man outright lied about it to the country he leadest and lied about it in court.  Still, he hath recoved and living in the country of those who forget has gone on do whatever it is he does in the name of globalization or whatever. 

But tho he wears the shades and carries the sax, and laughed joyously with the wife and daughter while Sir Robert performed haphazardly in the cold of that freezing January day, he is only a pretender of hip.  And donst thou ever forgetest that.  A hero he is not.

I shall have to check out this lunacy by Albert of Tennessee when I havest more time or thyme.