July 26, 2021

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Peter on the Kennedys and the Murder Most Foul

Peter never got to hear Rough and Rowdy Ways, but these were his thoughts on JFK and the Kennedy saga. I imagine his response to Murder Most Foul would’ve been an email simply saying: Holy fuck!

I find nothing wrong with figuring out who killed JFK.  I’ve read a lot of books on it, not all, there’s still one I want to get and I can’t even remember the name right now.  Buried in Tarantula is some line about how the Warren Commission wasn’t up to snuff or something like that.  I think Oswald was involved, but he might’ve been what he said he was.  I know this.  If you or I were in the army and defected to the Soviet Union, and then changed our minds, we wouldn’t get our passports back in 24 hours. 

The naysayers, the ones who say no conspiracy, fuck them and the ones who use computer graphics to make their case, fuck them too.  The people who controlled things wanted the Kennedys out of the picture.  I am convinced that was the turning point in this country, when things started to get weird to what we have now. 

Some people like to point their finger at LBJ, I don’t think so.  He wasn’t enamored of the Kennedys, but that wasn’t his style.  And I think the same people who killed JFK killed his brother.  Sometime in the past 20 years, maybe 30, but I think more like 20, I decided Teddy was set up. 

I’m a very big fan of The Godfather.  I have the saga set where it’s in chronological order.  I’ve watched it more than any other movie.  So you know the scene in II where they frame the Senator?  One night I was watching it, and I went holy fuck, Teddy! 

Teddy was never really able to explain what the hell happened.  So it wasn’t too hard really, they kidnap him, they kidnap her, he wakes up, his car is in the creek with her in it, he makes up a story.  It would have been too weird to kill him too, so they made it so he could never be president.  

It’s not that I think the Kennedys were anything great ’cause I don’t and they weren’t.  They acted on civil rights because they were forced to, not because they wanted to.  RFK worked for Joe McCarthy and did other horrible shit.  Who knows if JFK was really gonna pull out of Vietnam?  We’ll never know.  It wasn’t about Vietnam anyway, the assassination was about Cuba. 

That said, I do think RFK underwent some kind of change, and I do think he would have won the nomination and the election.  He couldn’t say anything of course, and none of the Kennedys said anything for years, but I suspect RFK knew something wasn’t on the up and up about his brother’s death.  He was attorney general, a powerful man. 

When Oliver Stone’s film came out and the media all combined to attack it, particularly people like Cronkite.  Well, I always thought it was pretty much what the film said.  It might not have been the guy Garrison went after in New Orleans, but it was some combination of mob/military/cia probably backed by oil money.