August 1, 2021

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Andrea Mitchell, my crazy uncle, Truman and the Rethuglicans

Andrea Mitchell started out in Philly. I don’t know whether she’s from here, but she went to the University of Pennsylvania, started out on radio on WXPN and then was a reporter for the all news station KYW.  My father’s youngest brother was a reporter, first for the now long gone Evening Bulletin and then for KYW, where he introduced my dad to “Andi” Mitchell.  This was in the ‘70s.  I met her back then, and she hooked me up with this guy Rich Aregood who at the time among other things was the Daily News music critic.  He was also the paper’s Editorial Page Editor or maybe became that later.

My uncle was once quite a heavy duty reporter.  He was the Bulletin’s Science Page editor but before that was a reporter.  One of the memories of my childhood was a front page pic in the Bulletin of him interviewing Nixon, I believe when he was vice president.  He was ten years younger than my father, something of a boy genius and also quite insane.  He had a nervous breakdown when I was a kid and my dad told me what went down later.  He eventually moved to Pittsburgh and became a TV anchor and remarried and once he remarried no one in the family saw him again.  He may or may not still be alive.  It was like he turned into another person.  When my grandmother died, his mother, he would not come in.  My father’s other middle brother knew how to get in touch with him, and the day she died my dad and I were over at my uncle’s and I listened in on the call.  It was just nuts.  

As to Andrea Mitchell and Greenspan, God knows why she married him.

Speaking of presidents, Harry Truman was one of the financially poorest presidents ever.  When he left office, he could barely afford the train fare back to Missouri (this was before presidents got pensions and shit).  The Rethuglicans (as John Lettiere use to call them) have been upset since Roosevelt did four terms.  Really upset.  They feel they and only they are entitled to the White House.  Of course Hillary feels she is entitled to the White House.  Is Hillary a Republican?  Well not like they are now.