“Local singer/songwriter Peter Stone Brown scores and scorches with the Austin, Texas sessions Up Against It.”

Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News

Peter Stone Brown’s Up Against It was recorded at Bismeaux Studio in Austin, Texas and features steel guitar and dobro player, Cindy Cashdollar; keyboard player and accordionist Tim Alexander (both of whom were members of Asleep At The Wheel at the time); keyboard player Ron

Huckaby (then a member of George Strait’s band); guitarist, Casper Rawls who has worked with several Austin artists and fiddler Howard Kalish among others. Producing, engineering and playing bass is Frank Campbell, who prior to becoming studio manager and chief engineer at Bismeaux, held a similar position at Levon Helm’s studio in Woodstock, New York. Frank also played bass in Levon’s road band, and before that with Steve Forbert and several other Woodstock, NY musicians. The music contains elements of country, folk, rock ‘n’ roll and blues. If it must be categorized, it falls somewhere in the wide realm of roots-based American music.

Fans of Bob Dylan from across the world (literally) have discovered the honesty and integrity of Brown’s heartfelt lyrics and melodies. The track, “Here On Earth”, while written more than five years ago, couldn’t be more to the point than it is today, with the frightening, yet all-too-accurate lyrics – “Here on earth there’s men who could destroy the human race”